Wealthy Media


Digital consumption of news and entertainment is at an all-time high. People have easy access to online content and want more and more of it.

Wealthy Media is an online media company that provides fast-paced online content, publishing 24/7 to meet the needs of millions of readers wanting to keep up with a changing world.

Our Mission

To capture the attention, entertain, and inform a growing number of readers with diverse and engaging content across various daily topics.

Our mission is to give the reader exciting, daily news, information, and entertainment across the sectors of politics, human rights and freedoms, real estate and money matters, parenting, work, and careers – the issues that are affecting real people day-to-day.

From a coffee cup gossip story to a hard-hitting news story – we envision becoming a leader in this field, seeing our brands grow and attract more readers worldwide.


Our Brands

In 2023, Wealthy Media has quickly grown to include several established online publishing brands, with further brands in development.

Each brand has its own personality and unique specialism, and together, each brand takes human stories to real people across the US market.

Our Team

Our articles are curated by a diverse team of writers and editors from all over the world – we come together to share what matters and what’s changing in our world, drawing attention to real-world problems and not conspiracies.

We have a team of freelance writers, admin assistants, technical assistants, and editors, ensuring our content choice is relevant, attention-grabbing, ethical, and consistently high quality.

We are experts in what readers want – because we are the readers. In addition, we have expert knowledge in developing new brands and niches and identifying market opportunities.

Our Objectives

Our strategy for growth and stability:

  1. To diversify our revenue streams by growing existing brands, developing new brands and websites, and increasing presence on varied media platforms
  2. To expand our online presence on MSN and continue to build page view numbers
  3. To build the authority of our brand websites and build traffic to those sites

Wealthy Media is a fast-paced online media publisher that has seen huge growth in the sector in the first half of 2023. We are committed to continuing this growth, adapting quickly to an ever-evolving audience, and publishing top-quality content for the US Market and worldwide.